Motivate my Moobs

When I was doing nightshift on Friday night, I had to look back on CCTV for something. When I was scrolling through the footage, I came across images of myself. It gave me a bit of an eye opener. I realised how big my moobs had become. I looked like a hairy Pamela Anderson, but thankfully for everyone involved, I wasn’t wearing the red swimsuit.

Mrs B is such a supportive wife but she always tells me the truth. This was the case last week when she told me that if I have a heart attack before I’m 50, she won’t be coming to visit me in hospital. Now I don’t believe for 1 second that she wouldn’t visit me, but she was basically trying to tell me that I needed to make healthier lifestyle choices and she doesn’t want me to have a heart attack.

I pride myself on being a good dad but have realised that being unhealthy & unfit isn’t a great example to be setting for my boys. So I have decided that this needs to change.

I have never been a small man & don’t plan on being 12 stone but I know that I need to eat less sh1t & become a bit more active.

So I have decided that I am going to try & make small changes to my lifestyle. I plan to improve my diet slightly & start going on more walks or doing more physical activities with the boys. I am going to share my journey on improving my lifestyle on my website for 2 reasons. Firstly, this will make me accountable to everyone who follows my journey, which will hopefully keep my motivation up. And secondly, I hope to show that making small changes in your life can have huge benefits to your health.

This is NOT a diet & I’m not joining a gym.

I am all for the ‘Dad bod’ but I want to be more Robbie Williams & less Fat Bastard (Austin Powers).

Life is busy, especially with children, but there is always room for a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully, becoming slightly healthier will mean a better quality family life, more energy & less being grumpy.

Hopefully you will follow my progress on the ‘Motivate My Moobs’ section of the site. Feel free to drop comments, ideas & encouragement. And if this encourages you to try & become healthier, then share your experiences.

Let’s get these moobs moving!


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