New Year, New resolutions?

At this time of the year, many people feel the need to make resolutions. Whether it’s to eat less junk, do more exercise, get shitfaced less often, or to be a better parent. Now these are all great goals, but is there a need to set ourselves these goals & tell the whole world about them?

I don’t usually set New Year resolutions or public goals in general, although a few months ago I decided to ‘Motivate my Moobs’. That didn’t last long. My moobs got motivated for Christmas ham. It was worth it. I started out with good intentions, but my motivation had other ideas. So, I won’t be setting any more specific goals anytime soon.

I feel that people set goals or resolutions because they think they need to… because it’s a New Year, so they should be a new person. I don’t buy it. I’m happy with the person I am. Plus, it’s hard to improve perfect 😂. Of course, I could do things a bit better, but I could also do them a lot worse.

As parents, we will always think that we could be a better. We could make less chicken dippers, or we could stop threatening to sell the kids on ebay as often. Being a parent is hard enough without putting pressure on yourself to live up to a fictional perfect parent. If your kids are loved, fed & (relatively) clean then you are doing a great job!

I am not going to make a New Year’s resolution, but what I am going to do is take each day as it comes & try to be the best version of me everyday. I would like to spend more quality time with my friends & family, spend less time on my phone or tablet and mess around with my kids more. There will be days (& a lot of them) when I will want to give the boys away or when I’ll feel that I can’t cope. But on the flip side, there will be days were I can’t get enough of them.

I am happy that I survived 2018 & look forward to 2019, to see what it has in store for me. As for the resolutions, they can do one.
If you do decide to make New Year’s resolutions, then make them achievable. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Anyone who says that their kids won’t get on their nerves in 2019 is either the most perfect parent ever, or a liar. We know there is no such thing as a perfect parent.

There is more to life than the latest “drink your own pee” diet or squeezing yourself into a pair of jeans you had when you were 12. I’m not even sure I could squeeze in to my jeans when I was 34, especially so soon after Christmas.

Do what makes you happy & don’t worry about what other people think. No doubt you will come across a person who will try to tell you that your life is a mess or that you are not a good parent. But these people are insignificant, so just flip them the bird & carry on. 2019 will be a success if you are happy and your loved ones are happy.

So instead of making a New Year’s resolution, make a New Year’s revelation. Being a parent is hard and sometimes your kids are d1cks but do your best and screw the rest.

Happy New Year.

Bearded with boys

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