Our typical Northern Irish summer

Now that the summer holidays are over, I have been reflecting on our time off as a family.

Our summer started off with Mrs B being quite ill, which lasted for the majority of the holidays but that didn’t stop us trying to make the most of the time off together. She couldn’t get out on trips as much as we all would have liked, but she needed time to rest & recover as much as possible!

We didn’t book as family holiday away to lands afar… there were a few reasons for this… like who wants to pay £6 million to take 2 kids away so they can be gurny about it being too hot or that they are bored??!

Despite this, there were days when I struggled about being a sh1t parent because we never booked a week away in the sun. I felt like the boys holidays would be sh1t and that they were missing out because they never got to go away. Though the boys didn’t seem to mind.

We did the typical Northern Irish family days out; Barry’s in Portrush, Belfast Zoo, all the local parks and the beach to freeze my balls off in 10°C sea water. The boys enjoyed each day out as much as the next one.

We even had a few proud parent moments along the way…
• Ethan plucked up the courage to jump off a platform onto an airbag
• He had his first ghost train ride ( although Mrs B still won’t go on it)
• Luke, who is 3, beat his fear of heights and went on the Jumping Astro ride (drop tower ride) in Barry’s.

What made me most proud was watching the boys become closer as brothers & best friends. This was maybe because they were forced to play with each other but we aren’t complaining! Their bromance became official when they decided they wanted to share a room & get bunk beds.

What I learned this summer is that you don’t need to go abroad to enjoy your holidays. The most important thing is to spend time as a family, even if it is only going to the park! Our kids don’t care about big expensive holidays. They would have as much fun throwing stones into the sea in Portrush as they would in Spain.

Although, next year Luke wants to go on the search for Cliff Richard in Portugal, with his Granny Marie 🙈😂


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