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For the last number of weeks, my 5 year-old has been using the “Learn to read with phonics” app. We have been letting him play it after he completes his homework. As he has been learning phonics in school, I thought this app would be useful for him and probably for me too, as phonics are new to me. I even managed to get a few sounds wrong. For example, ice doesn’t have the “i” sound… who knew? He wasn’t too happy when his teacher said it was wrong & he threw me under the bus. So I thought I could do with all the help I could get. 😂

The first thing I noticed was that the app was colourful & was very child friendly, he had no problems working his way around it.
Each level or sound has 7 games to complete before you can move onto the next one. At the start and end of every level, it prompts the child to select the correct sound, which helps them remember the sound and the letter attached to the sound. Then there are other games in between which challenges them to select the word to match the picture or complete the word using the sound. The first time he played it, I had to explain to him what the aim of the game was, but after that he took off. He really enjoyed each game & loved collecting points and was excited when his score increased.

Although each level mainly focuses on one sound, it always sounds out the complete word that they are selecting or completing. This helps them learn how to start blending the sounds together to make words.
We have only completed half of the app so far, but it has been a great help and addition to our homework routine.

The only small negative I have with it is that you have to follow the order of the sounds already set by the app, which is slightly different from the order he is getting them at his school. I know every phonics programme introduces the sounds in a slightly different order, but this can lead to confusion. Though this small negative won’t put me off using it.
With all the negative focus on children using devices, apps like this one show the benefits of technology.
My son really enjoys this app and asks to play it on a regular basis. It has definitely helped him improve his sounds and with learning to read.

This App was gifted in exchange for an honest review.

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